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Ukulele Camp for Grown-Ups

…is for adults who want to learn how to play the ukulele and make their own music. It meets once weekly for four weeks and includes group and individual instruction, activities, songfests, break time featuring local craft brews, wines, and upscale snacks inspired by the states along Route 66, and a culminating event featuring campers showcasing their new talent. Graduates receive the coveted “G-String Necklace.” Read More

A typical evening at “Ukulele Camp for Grown-Ups” begins with warm-up and group songs, breakout sessions covering various playing techniques, break time (which is a great way to get to know fellow campers), small group and individual instruction, and then reconvening for a group uke jam to end the evening. Topics of instruction include chords, song selection, picking and strumming patterns, the history of the ukulele, how to buy an instrument, and how to get the most from your practice time.
Instructors with Uke 66 are skilled ukulele players and teaching professionals trained in how best to instruct adults learners: in friendly and supportive environments where interaction is encouraged. Patient, encouraging, and fun, our instructors believe deeply in how making your own music – either for your own personal satisfaction or for family and community – brings positive life benefits.